About Us


Amebonigeria is an online entertainment platform that provides viewers with relevant, mind blowing and up-to date news and gossips. Amebonigeria does not only disseminate information, they also provide a means by which their viewers can make money from just participating in the amebo community on the site.

Amebonigeria was founded by Shelomi Enobhayisobo, also known as Shelenox, in the year 2012 but was it officially became a company in the year 2014, May 30th. The aim of amebonigeria is to provide a easy and not a quick way people can make money online without having to work all day. Making money on amebonigeria is really simple, effective and convenient, with just few clicks.

Information posted on amebonigeria are gotten from top entertainment sites in the country, our amebo press, social networks, and from our fans all over the world. We intend not to formulate stories as it is agains the rules of the amebo editorial board.


Our head office is located in Nigeria, Edo State. We intend building 3 more offices in 3 countries to increase the flexibility of amebonigeria. Countries include United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa.