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Amebonigeria charity report from Nigeria – Mia has 31 days to live


Ten-week-old Mia in the pediatric intensive care unit

Read this, your eyes will shed tears!!


Mia is said to be born with a horrific birth defect gastroschisis. He was abandoned by his mother and father after they saw his present condition. Mia is an half-cast. Gastroschisis – a condition in which babies are born with their intestinal contents freely protruding through a hole in the abdomen. This has been a sad moment for most Nigerians. The doctor reported that the only way mia can live is to undergo an operation, which may not be easy. The parent of this child left him in the hospital saying they want to get the money for the operation, but they were never found. Mia is all alone and and under the care of NSW health. Mia’s operation cost $138,000 ( N22,500,000)..That’s really big!!

The doctors said unless the money is paid, they can’t start the operation has stated by the hospital’s policy. Do you believe mia can be saved? I do, let us save mia, we got good Samaritans all over the world, they can help, we can help!

Donate to Amebonigeria’s charity to fund mia’s operation

Act No: 3050503868

Act Name: Enobhayisobo Shelomi

Bank Name: First Bank

Or Contact Gossip9jar for more info.


Let’s pray.

From this moment, i pray the almighty God save mia and locate mia’s helper all over the world.

Type “Amen” and share this.


Mia’s operation to cost N22,500,000


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