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Dr. Dre Becomes First Hip Hop Billionaire

The Apple-Beat Electronic deal officially a done deal!


There ain’t nothing like being a billionaire! Music producer and rapper Dr. Dre is now the highest earning hip hop artist of all time after electronic company, Apple sealed a 3.2 billion dollars deal buying over his famous Beats by Dre!

The rapper was caught popping bottles last night with his friends, family and colleagues and also declared himself the RICHEST MAN IN HIP HOP! Sorry Diddy, #3 on the list just kicked your a**!

We earlier reported today that it was in a matter of hours beforeApple finalizes a deal to buy Beats for that huge amount, well its official, they did! Dre went to the studio with singer Tyrese, movie director, F. Gary Gary and other friends and popped out lots of Champaign, Hennessy and Heineken, according to TMZ reports.

At one point, Dre looked into the camera and said – “The first billionaire in hip hop … right here from, the mother f**king West Coast!!”

Tyrese added, “Oh s**t, the Forbes list just got changed!”Meaning Diddy has been automatically kicked out as the richest Hip Hop artist with a $580 Million earnings! Again, sorry Diddy!
Sources at the studio say the gang partied until 4 AM. Who wouldn’t?? Pulse.ng fans, are you guys happy for DRE, Do you think he deserves this?


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